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Cobourg’s Trusted Collision and Auto Body Repair

Our certified technicians at Cobourg Auto Collision Ltd. specialize in high-quality automotive collision repairs on all makes and models of cars and trucks. We want to make your auto body repair as easy as possible for you, so you can get back on the road as soon as possible!

Our Repairs Come with a Lifetime Guarantee

We know that for many of you a car is much more than a way to get from point A to point B, so we want to keep your vehicle looking like and performing like new for years to come. All of our repair work is guaranteed to satisfy and backed by our lifetime warranty.

Our collision process has a few steps, but we’ll guide you along the way!

Cobourg Auto Collision’s Repair Process

1. Free computerized estimate
We’ll provide a free, no-commitment estimate for you to review. Our technicians will do a visual estimate, but will also consult a specialized site to accurately show what areas and parts under the exterior need replacement or repair. If you agree to our repairs, we’ll continue the process!

2. Submit Insurance Claim
A Cobourg Auto Collision representative will submit your claim directly to your insurance company for you, so you can avoid the hassle! Once they approve, we will look over the final appraisal together.

3. Plan Repairs
Planning the repairs requires us to dismantle your vehicle and carefully document all of the damaged areas. We’ll assess your vehicle’s needs and plan repairs accordingly.

4. Acquire Parts
Cobourg Auto Collision only uses the best parts suited for your vehicle’s make, model, age and condition. You may choose whether you want to use original equipment manufacturer parts, quality after-market or used rebuilt parts. We will never use parts that do not exactly match your car’s original parts and ensure your car or truck is performing to standard.

5. Structural Repairs
If needed, we will provide structural repairs using advanced technology to return your car or truck to its manufacturer’s standards and specs.

6. Auto Body Repair
Certified technicians will install the parts! Once complete, we will always make 2 meticulous inspections to ensure everything is in good working order. If our work passes both inspections, we move on to paint.

7. Colour Matching
Our colour matching is always a perfect match. That’s because we use high tech equipment including the 3M SunGun and the Acquire scanner to match your existing paint exactly to the DuPont Cromax Pro® Waterborne Paint System.

8. Reassembly
We’ll reset the electrical systems, diagnostics and install trim and badges to get your car back in its original state. Another round of inspections is performed to ensure nothing was missed.

9. Detailing
Cobourg Auto Collision details your vehicle at no extra charge! That’s because we want you to feel like your car is new again, creating a safe environment after a stressful accident.

10. Delivery
The big day arrives! You get to perform this round of inspection. All of our repairs have a lifetime warranty, so if you’re not satisfied, neither are we! Once you approve of our work, you can drive off our lot with confidence.

See the difference our Cobourg Auto Collision Ltd. repair process makes. We guarantee your satisfaction and ensure a quality repair to keep your car looking sharp on the road. Visit our shop today to speak with a certified technician.


"I was devastated when someone backed into my car but Wade and Laurie called my insurance company for me and discussed my claim. They are a very kind couple with very personable service. If you get your vehicle repaired here, you will be well looked after. Definitely recommend this company."

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