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 24/7 Car Towing Services Available in Cobourg

When you're in a roadside emergency, the last thing you need is a towing company that won't respond. At Cobourg Auto Collision Ltd, we provide reliable car towing services in Cobourg. We have the experience, equipment and know-how to tow several types of vehicles, such as cars , motorcycles and flat decks. When you reach out to us in a roadside emergency, we try to reach you with the proper support with minimum response times.


You can rely on us regardless of the type of situation you might be in. We know that a roadside situation is a stressful experience. We try to make the emergency easier for you to manage by providing hassle-free services. Our team gets to your location quickly and takes over. We tow your vehicle without damaging it further and provide you with the support that you need.


If you require emergency roadside assistance or car towing services in Cobourg, get in touch with us now.


Types of Car Towing


Depending on the vehicle’s weight, there are several types of towing that might be used for the job. Some types of towing vehicles are:


Wheel Lift: This tows the vehicle from the front or rear wheels.

Integrated Tow Truck: Due to its additional axles, this is used for heavy-duty towing.

Hydraulic Flatbed: This includes a ramp that is raised by hydraulics.

Hoon and Chain: This utilizes a hook and chain for towing automobiles.


If you'd like to learn more about our towing, please reach out to us.


Who Needs Our Car Towing Services?

Our car towing services in Cobourg are for anyone who requires us to move their vehicle to another location, such as an auto repair facility. There are various situations where you might need our towing services, such as:



Overheated engine


Battery requires jump-start

Failure of transmission

Car stuck in mud, snow, rain or a ditch



In these situations, you might be tempted to carry out a do-it-yourself job or enlist inexperienced people to do the towing. However, this can severely damage your vehicle, which might lead to costly repairs later. If you require roadside assistance, we recommend calling a professional towing company like ours.



Our Services:


Our roadside assistance and towing services include:


24/7 towing

Medium-duty towing


Accident assistance


Local- and long-distance towing

Flat tire replacement

4 X 4 off road recovery

Fuel deliveries

Motorcycle towing

Mobile battery boosting

Flatbed towing

Light-duty towing



24-Hour Vehicle Storage

Cobourg Auto Collision Ltd. has the space you need when your vehicle requires quick storage. After an accident, the last thing you want to worry about is storage and repair. Our site does both, so rest assured your vehicle is receiving excellent, professional care. The compound is secured with 24-hour video surveillance and bright lighting, so your vehicle is always safe.

Call our 24/7 towing service now and get back on the road!

Locked out?

We’ll get you back in with little or no damage to your vehicle

Contact Us

In case of a roadside emergency, our team is always available to help. If you’re stranded on the road, reach out to us now!


"All of the insurance companies should also be referring work to Cobourg Auto Collision Ltd. Experience and skilled employees in the shop makes the difference."

Locked Out?

We’ll get you back in with little or no damage to your vehicle.

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